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EuFMD Open Session OS20

Livelihoods @ risk in a FASTerworld. Open Session of European Commission for Control of FMD Standing Technical Committee.

  • Event Topic: FMD And Similar Transboundary Diseases
  • Location: Marseille, France

Description from the EuFMD Open session OS20 event site:

OS20 is a multi-day meeting, with two distinct parts. The first focuses on Foot-and-mouth disease. The second considers how best we can use the intelligence on animal movements and drivers of disease spread for smarter and  FASTer risk mitigation. 

Despite the impact of COVID19 and the uncertainties it causes for planning and travel,  we have decided that we will not postpone the OS20 – we believe we can find a way to run the Scientific Meeting, using our experience in managing virtual meetings and workshops as a back-up and alongside the face-to-face (F2F) Conference. Therefore, be assured we WILL find a way to meet, and we also believe that some travel will be possible in October.  Further, there is so much being learnt from COVID for FAST disease management – and from each other, on how to work efficiently without travel and on biosecurity and behaviour change – that is so relevant to discuss.