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Lumpy skin disease (LSD) is an OIE-listed notifiable disease caused by the lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV). It affects cattle and water buffalo, damaging animal health and causing significant production and trade losses.

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Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD)

LSD has been spreading into different regions and countries in recent years and continues to move. Find out where the latest reported outbreaks are with this map.  

Key Facts
Clinical Signs

As the disease name suggests, affected animals typically develop skin nodules or lumps, which can occur all over the body and vary in size. Other clinical signs include fever, general malaise, ocular and nasal discharge, and sudden decrease in milk production. As these are non-specific, outbreaks of LSD may not be detected quickly enabling it to spread further. Morbidity and mortality may vary between 10-20% and 1-5% respectively (OIE Technical Card, July 2017), and the severity of disease in those affected varies from mild to fatal. LSD outbreaks have a huge impact on the farming industry because they lead to significant production losses. They also cause serious damage to trade because of major restrictions for the export of live cattle, milk and meat products, skins and hides.


LSD is caused by a virus which means that there is no specific treatment. Control of LSD must focus on prevention, including vaccination.


In the event of outbreaks in disease-free countries then slaughter of infected and in-contact animals plus movement restrictions may be considered. However, this relies on detecting the disease very early and putting such controls in place very quickly. As this is expensive and may not be practically achievable, vaccination with a good quality vaccine is recommended.

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Focus On… Lumpy Skin Disease – a practitioner’s take from South Africa
I graduated from Onderstepoort in 1973. Having been raised on a farm in a dairying district, I was aware of the annual immunisation of cows against lumpy skin disease (LSD).
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